How to Make a Fancy Bubble Bath For Your Spa Night at Home

spa night at home bubble bath

My bathtub has become my oasis for a spa night at home. I have a gift card to the spa that I have yet to use because I can make a bubble bath that feels cozy right at home. This Valentine’s Day, I decided that I wanted to create the ultimate at-home bubble bath experience to give myself a proper self-love spa night. Some nights it takes all of my effort to talk myself into doing my nightly skincare routine. However, with this relaxing bubble bath, I am ready to whip this up any night before bed.

What makes the ultimate spa night at home bubble bath?

For me, the ultimate bubble bath feels fancy, relaxing, and serene. I topped my Rosé with a rosebud in my Anthropologie glass to make it fancy. The hot water creates a relaxing sensation and the candles provide a serene atmosphere while you soak.

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relaxing spa night at home
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How to Create a Relaxing Bubble Bath For Your Spa Night At Home


Gather deliciously smelling candles from your home to place around the edges of the bathtub.If you only included one thing in your spa night, I would recommend candles. They set the ambiance for the spa night all on their own. I love the large candles from Anthropologie, but use any that you have on hand that YOU love.


Cleanse the air and space around your bathtub with sage or incense for clean energy and positive frequencies.


What is a fancy spa night without a bubble bath? I picked up this bubble fizz from Target, but I've had my eye on Lollia's line that I want to pick up soon. Run the water at your desired temperature and pour in your bubble bath under the water to make it extra bubbly.


This can be any drink from Rosé, coffee, hot tea, sparkling water, or hot lemon water. I recommend choosing something that is refreshing and calming. It wouldn't be the ultimate spa night at home without it!


This is a great tool to complete your setup to put all of your drinks, candles, books, or iPad in!


You can read or watch your favorite show. The goal here to do something that you feel is uplighting, relaxing, and is calming for your mind.


I added a few floral pieces that I had picked up from Trader Joe's to bring a feminine ambiance for Valentine's day.

bubble bath ideas

Bathtime Self-Care Items to Pamper Yourself

Bath Bombs - There are so many deliciously-smelling bath bombs that I could recommend. I love the selection that Lush has to offer, as well as these Ouai Chill Pills that I have seen circling.

Lip Care - Apply a lip mask while you sit and soak. I have thisand this on my list for my own bathtime routine.

Body Scrub - Herbivore's Coco Rose exfoliating body scrub is my favorite to keep on hand. I use it in the shower for extra exfoliation when shaving.

Back Scrubber - I bought a back brush for the shower recently and don't know why I hadn't purchased one sooner. I find myself wanting to cleanse my back in the shower. This niffy brush both massages and cleanses removing dirt and dead skin.

Face Mask - A face mask to apply after or during your bath will give your face a little pampering of its own. I love the masks from Patchology.

Hair Mask -Put a hair mask on while you sit in the water then wash it off before getting out. I love this one by Moroccan Oil.

bubble bath ideas

How to Pamper Yourself After Your Bath

Soft Bathrobe - I live in my bathrobe. It makes me feel cozy while I finish pampering after a hot bath. I want to get a new one soon and have my eye on this one from Parachute.

Soft Hair Towel - From what I have researched over the years, the type of towel you use to dry your hair is important. Terry cloth towels seem to cause frizz when ruffling your hair around the material. Large towels weigh your hair down resulting in breakage. I bought these hair towels from Amazon that I love. The color and material are both amazing.

Hand Lotion - I love Anthropologie's selection of hand lotions. I keep a bottle in my nightly skincare routine for a little extra pampering before bed.

Cuticle Oil - My FAVORITE cuticle oil is from Holy Chic. I love their Good As Hell scent. This cuticle oil has really saved my cuticles and I use it morning, night, and several times in between.

Jade Roller - I LOVE jade rolling my face after doing my nightly cleanser. You can watch this YouTube video for a how-to because there is a right way to use it. This tool is so cool on your face and feels sensational before bed.

Eye Serum - Cath Claire introduced to me Agent Nateur and I recently started using their eye serum. You can use any eye cream, but I recommend using one at night to give your eyes a little extra love while you sleep allowing the serum to soak in.

Moisturizer - I live with Glycene's Rejuvenation Cream by my side at all times. I can't get enough moisturizer for my face and this cream cures my dry skin. I recommend using your favorite moisturizer for your skin type and applying it after your bath. For all-over body moisturizers, I use sweet almond oil.

Self-tanner - I use Luxe Unfiltered a few times a month for a healthy glow. I love the care that Sivan has put into her brand. She recently released face drops that I want to try for self-tanning your face.

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relaxing bath ideas

Enjoy a relaxing hot bath and leave a comment below with your favorite way to relax in the bath! I can't decide if I like reading more or watching my favorite Netflix show.

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