3 Easy Ways to Make a Beautiful Thanksgiving Dinner Table

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If you read my DIY place cards post, then you know that I always dreamed of creating a Thanksgiving dinner table THIS beautiful. The table looked exquisite and set the tone for the entire dinner party. It was not complicated to create this look and I recommend these steps to anyone wanting to elevate the look of their gatherings.

I cannot express how easy it was to make this Thanksgiving Dinner table.

We used items that we had around our homes and ordered two floral arrangements from a local florist that we love. Thank you Hilary of Vessel and Stem for making our floral dreams come true!

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3 Ways to Make a Beautiful Thanksgiving Table:

  1. CHOOSE A COLOR PALETTE - Choose up to 5 colors to work with. Once you choose your colors, you will keep your eye out for those items. They are easier to find than you think. It's all about narrowing your focus to select colors and choose your items around those.
  2. CREATE DIY OR ORDER FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS - You can DIY this or order from your favorite florist. We went all out and spent $150 divided between us, but if we hadn't chosen to order we would have easily created arrangements ourselves. You can use neutral colors for Thanksgiving or stick to your color palette. Again, it's all about going with your color palette to bring the entire table together. You're curating it!
  3. USE ITEMS THAT YOU HAVE - You can use anything you have on hand for your place settings even if that means mixing and matching. The table in this post is a combination of two households putting their kitchens together. One person provided the candles and holders, another person brought the plates. We really didn't coordinate before the dinner, we just wanted a neutral color palette and each of us kept that in mind while selecting pieces from our homes.
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I will link similar items to the ones that we used for you to shop in case you have your eye on any of the pieces. I will also outline them in a simple breakdown. The only items that I cannot link are silverware. They are vintage pieces from Joel's Grandmother. You can use any silverware or serving ware that you have on hand!

Items That We Used to Create This Table Setting:

Friendsgiving table


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