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I’m starting a new series with the best recipes ever with anything from sweets, and breakfast items, to dinner ideas. They are the recipes that we keep on repeat for our weekly meals and I want to share them with you. I had the idea last year but didn’t quite know how to make it work without creating the recipes myself, but the thing is, I don’t have the time or desire to create a ton of recipes. I love food photography, but I find it unnecessary to spend my time creating my own recipes when there are SO many talented chefs and bakers alike creating tasty dishes for us. 

I've decided to start sharing the best recipes ever that I have found by those talented chefs that we keep on rotation for our own table.

The recipes will consist of tried and true dishes that have hundreds to thousands of five-star reviews. Hence the name, 5k Food (five stars, and thousands of them). However, that does NOT mean that recipes without thousands of five-star reviews are not noteworthy. If a recipe only has thirty reviews, but they are all solid and five stars, I’m going to try it. I have found a life hack that works for me and I want to share the results for your table as well. I always blend my own cooking and baking techniques into the recipes to ensure success for my table, so I will be sharing those tips and tricks with you in each post. I also keep things I'm eating on a daily basis in my stories here if you want to follow along. 


5 Things I Look For In The Best Recipes Ever

1. Ease. I don’t mind a slightly more complicated dish on the weekends, especially for Sunday Supper, but I prefer a dish that is fairly easy to make during the weekdays. However, keep in mind that some dishes feel more complicated your first time around, because you are learning the recipe. I have several recipes that feel complicated, but I have made them so often I barely look at the recipe to make them these days. The more you make them, the easier they get and it’s worth it for the flavor. 

2. Ingredients. The easier the ingredients are to source, the more likely I will make it. I think everyone can appreciate that because none of us want to go to four different grocery stores for that one exotic item in a dish. 

3. Flavor. I look for dishes that make my mouth water. While I prefer easier dishes, I want the great flavor to go hand in hand with that. You won't find me making basic dishes, but I will look for easy ones that can be thrown together while still producing a ton of great flavors. 


4. High-Quality Reviews. Obviously. As I mentioned before, a recipe can have thirty reviews, but if they are all five stars, I am most likely going to try it if it fits the vibe of the recipe I am looking for. I read the first few reviews in each recipe to vet it before giving it a go. I also read the comments to see what others are saying about what worked or didn’t work, and I take note of those things. 

5. Aesthetic Photos. I’m a visual person by nature, so the dish has to look great, along with every other component in this list. If the food doesn’t look appetizing, I’m probably not going to go with that recipe! 


Your Takeaways From Best Recipes Ever Series

When it comes down to it, the point that I want you to take away from my new series are solid recipes that you can make for your family that I’ve already tried and can say have been successful for our table. I know the feeling of needing to change up the menu to stop eating the same meals over and over and I know how time-consuming it can be to look for recipes. I’ve made it a goal of mine to find truly great recipes and I want to share them with you. I will also be sharing my tips and tricks for the recipes, including ingredients that I sourced when necessary. You’re getting a recipe recommendation from a consumer just like yourself, I’ve just done the hard part! 

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