The Modern Bread Box I’m Obsessed With From Amazon

I’ve actually gotten so many requests from people emailing asking which bread box I have since my original post about organizing my pantry. I used to have a modern white bread box, but I dropped it out of sheer clumsiness while pregnant and it cracked. That one had gone out of stock, so not only did I have a lot of people requesting an alternative link, but I myself didn’t know if I would find a replacement for mine! I looked and looked and finally one day I came across this modern black one. I am OBSESSED. It’s nicer and thicker than my previous one, and I love the fact that it’s black. Our entire kitchen is white, so I have been replacing some of the white decor with modern black items for a stronger contrast.

If you’re looking for a modern bread box, this one that I found on Amazon is one of the best Amazon finds I’ve ever found.

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amazon modern bread box

Does a bread box really keep bread fresh?

Bread boxes create a dark and dry interior for your bread which helps to maintain the balance of moisture to keep the inside of the bread soft. You will want to leave plenty of room in the box without overstuffing to maintain good air circulation for the items inside.

amazon bread box

Why I love this bread box

It’s just a bread box, but as the title of this post clearly states, I’m a little obsessed with it. I mentioned several reasons why, with all of them being fully valid reasons as to why I love it. However, if I could only pick one real reason for loving this specific bread box, it would be the look and feel of it. I have the black one and it feels so luxurious. I love pulling it out and getting our bread from it. It’s the little details in life that bring us everyday enjoyment, and this is one of those everyday staples for me. It looks great sitting in our kitchen and adds to the aesthetic, which you know I am all about!

Why are bread boxes essential?

Honestly, my love for ours came about by accident. A friend of mine and a neighbor had recently gotten one for her counter. She wanted to free up clutter and they keep a lot of bread on hand because they have a larger family, so they go through the loaves easily. She was looking for a modern and stylish way to store her bread rather than leaving it on her counter. Not only did I love this idea, because we had the same issue, but I loved her box. She had a modern white one with a wooden lid. I bought it immediately and shared my findings here on my blog. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I had to replace ours and found this beautiful black alternative, which I am even more obsessed with. However, one of my favorite uses for our bread box isn’t just countertop space, it actually solved a real problem we were having! Our dogs! Our dogs love to sneak into anything they can find, so it’s essential that we keep our pantry closed. However, occasionally the bread would somehow find itself left behind by our busy family after making a quick breakfast or lunch. Since we started using our box, the dogs have not gotten into the bread once and it’s been years. It solved this issue which in itself is a reason to keep a bread box on hand.

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