The Ultimate At Home Coffee Bar With Amazon

Whether you enjoy brewed coffee, a latte, french press, or pour-over, I’ve put together these at home Amazon coffee bar ideas to give you inspiration to create the perfect coffee setup in your kitchen. There aren’t a lot of coffee shops near me, so an at home coffee bar is the only way to enjoy the coffee that I love. We have a Starbucks nearby, but I don’t need to spend money on coffee when I’m not experiencing the aesthetics of a cute coffee shop. I have to go into the city for that, so for my daily coffee, I’ve put together a cute way to style the space while making it the ultimate countertop coffee bar.

These coffee bar ideas range from affordable to splurges.

The items that will interest you all depend on how into the coffee experience you are. If you’re a coffee snob (in a good way) you might invest more in a nicer espresso grinder. If you’re simple with the way you take your coffee, having a cute setup might be enough. If you’re like me and you’re somewhere in between, my recommendation is to start styling your coffee bar a little at a time and work your way up to the expensive espresso machine followed by the expensive grinder. It doesn’t have to all be done at once! You can style your setup piece by piece until you’ve created your ultimate at home coffee bar. I prefer to keep it simple. I am not over the top with syrups and I don’t like a lot of clutter. This at home coffee bar inspiration is to give you a simplistic look that feels aesthetic, modern, cozy, and warming to guests enjoying a cup with you. I am all about modern, organic aesthetics with a focus on “less is more”.

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How do I set up a good at home coffee bar?

Setting up a good coffee bar involves careful planning and attention to detail to create a welcoming and efficient space.


The coffee bar setup that you create on your countertop should complement the rest of your kitchen. For me, this means organic, natural wood elements, clutter-free, modern, and stylish. I want my morning coffee setup to inspire me and set the tone for the remainder of my day.


Keep it simple by having a few of your favorite mugs that you can grab on a daily basis, but don’t go overboard with the amount of mugs that you keep out. If there are only two of you drinking coffee in the morning, consider keeping four total mugs in the coffee setup space. This way you can grab several throughout the week, while also washing and replenishing to avoid countertop clutter.


If you’re taking the time to create a thoughtful and aesthetic setup, think about the equipment and tools that you are choosing to display on your countertop. If the budget allows, consider getting equipment that matches the aesthetic of your kitchen rather than distracting from it. This will eliminate the feeling of needing to put equipment away when having company over because the items won’t feel like a distraction and clutter, but rather stylish elements that you use in your everyday life.


Obviously, you need a place to store items such as coffee beans. You wouldn’t have coffee without them, right? You can use stylish glass or ceramic containers to store your coffee beans that will look great on your counter.

What items should be on a coffee bar?


Espresso machines can be pricy, but they have options ranging from lower budget to higher budget. You can find one that makes delicious espresso shots and lattes while sitting beautifully on your countertop and adding to the aesthetics rather than detracting. Also, don’t forget to add neutral cloths to clean the frother!


A high-quality coffee maker is the heart of the coffee bar. Whether you’re using a drip coffee maker, french press, or pour-over, invest in a high-quality setup.


For the freshest cup of coffee or espresso, a great grinder is a must. Whole beans retain their flavor better than pre-ground coffee.


I wanted to include this Matcha set for those that aren’t into coffee OR for those that love Matcha in addition to coffee. Amazon has some cute Match sets! They have cute Match bowls like this one too. I am also obsessed with this black Match set.


Offer a selection of freshly roasted coffee beans. Variety is essential, so consider having a few different roasts and origins available for guests to choose from.


If iced coffee lovers, like my husband, don’t forget all of the accessories to make the best iced coffee at home! You can use stylish glass cups, this cute ice tray, and glass straws to enhance your iced coffee experience.

How do you style a coffee bar at home?


You can use a cute container to store your coffee beans to style the area around your coffee or espresso machine.


Arrange your coffee bar with a selection of coffee mugs and espresso cups that are not only cute and fun to drink out of, but look stylish in your setup.


I am OBSESSED with this wooden coffee spoon! I recommend having a coffee spoon to help you correctly measure the amount of coffee that you are using, and even better when it’s as cute as this one.


If you take sugar in your coffee, consider a cute bowl that looks stylish on your countertop.


While these may not serve a ton of purpose for a coffee bar setup, cutting boards are a beautiful way to add accent decor to your kitchen. You can place them behind the coffee setup to frame the space.


These can be beautiful and functional. You can use them to gather items that you have sitting around the countertop such as a sugar bowl, spoons, or coffee bean container.


A wooden accent bowl, cutting board, wooden coffee spoon, and other wood accent decor can add a stylish element to your at home setup.

What makes a good home coffee bar?

A good home coffee bar combines aesthetics, functionality, and convenience.


Invest in a high-quality coffee or espresso machine. Not only can you elevate your countertop aesthetics by choosing a beautiful one, but you can also elevate your overall coffee experience by choosing equipment that truly does the job right. There are different options to fit different budgets. You don’t have to splurge on every item that you buy for your coffee setup.


If you’re taking the time to create the ultimate setup, don’t skimp on your choice of coffee or espresso. You can choose a great everyday coffee at a less expensive price point and have your luxurious coffee on hand for special occasions or Sundays if you want to have an affordable and costly option.


Regularly clean and organize your coffee area to maintain a clutter-free and inviting space. A clean and well-kept coffee bar will make your coffee experience more enjoyable. Utilize containers or trays to keep coffee beans, tea bags, and other items organized. Glass jars or decorative canisters can add a stylish touch while keeping the ingredients fresh.

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