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Under the sink organization has always been a fun task for me. I never really thought to have an aesthetic area under the sink until a few years ago when I saw another blogger did a feature on their kitchen sink organization. It inspired me to organize our sink storage and make it a cleaner, less toxic, and overall more beautiful space for me to enjoy since I am in the kitchen and doing dishes a lot throughout my day. I am not revamping my original decluttering, which I never got around to posting as I had planned. For now, I am gathering the new items that I am using and will be doing a feature on that soon.

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How do you utilize space under a sink?

Organizing the space under your sink can help you maximize and utilize the space both effectively and aesthetically. I love to cook, but cleaning up after is inevitably part of the task. I love having an area that I enjoy using while grabbing dish clothes, sponges, or simply popping a pod into the dishwasher. You can utilize the space under the sink by adding stackable shelves and drawers, stackable bins, baskets, a paper towel rod, or a spinning tray. If you add hooks to the interior side of the cabinet doors, this is a great way to hang items with hooks and create more space within the space under your sink.

What is the best way to organize under the kitchen sink?

The space under the kitchen sink is limiting, but that is all the more reason to invest your time and efforts into a beautifully organized space. It will save you time on a daily basis by eliminating the need to rummage through to find the cleaner or item that you are looking for. Using the items mentioned above, you can start by decluttering your current space. Then group similar items together such as cloths and sponges, and dishwasher and dish pods together. If you’re like me and want an aesthetic space, but also want it to be practical and functional, you can add functional items such as glass bottles and decant your cleaners into them with labels. This eliminates a ton of plastic, making it easier to see with the use of glass AND it makes for pretty under the sink organization.

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I always have soap for both dishes and hands next to the sink. This is another great one to keep stocked in your kitchen. Both of the ones linked paraben, cruelty-free, and vegan.


You can also keep lotion by the soap for those that want to nourish their hands after washing or doing dishes. Doing the dishes dries your hands out which is why I wear gloves, but not everyone does! I have plenty of guests that come for dinner and help with dishes so this is a great addition for them.


These dye-free sponges are deep clean and are dishwasher safe to clean and continue reusing. They are multiuse, odor-resistant, and scratch-free which makes them great for cleaning the sink too.


These can be used for many purposes including dishes, but I think these are most useful for solid fruits and vegetables. I would do one or the other. For example on dirty dishes OR your food.


If you use cast iron pans, having one firm bristle brush that you use for only cleaning your cast iron is essential since you can’t use soap. I throw coarse salt along with a tiny bit of water and scrub with a brush.


If you haven’t noticed, when it comes to dishes and things in the kitchen that we are constantly reusing, I try to be as eco-friendly and plastic-free as I can. These sponges are made from bamboo and can be composted which I love.


Dish pods are easier for us to use and reduce the use of plastic containers which are bulky and not good for the environment. You can also use Blueland dish pods which is a small business brand that produces eco-friendly pods with clean ingredients. This is another non-toxic dish pod.


Affresh makes both laundry and dishwasher cleaning pods. This is not to clean the clothes or dishes, but the washers themselves. I keep these on hand to give the dishwasher a good cleaning when it’s needed.


These bins have a drawer that you pull open to maximize storage and come in a two-pack that can either be placed side by side or stacked for space-saving under-the-sink organization.


These stacked bins come in a two-pack to fit trash bag rolls on the bottom and cleaning spray bottles on the top.


These pull-out wire drawers are great for collecting all of the sponges, clothes, and things that you are grabbing on a daily basis to keep your kitchen sink clean.


I love decanting in my kitchen and using reusable glass bottles. It’s aesthetic, but also great for the environment if you buy larger containers instead of smaller one-time-use plastic spray bottles. I store the large container with the rest of the cleaning supplies and grab it when it’s time to refill.


Not as eco-friendly, but I haven’t found a better replacement for the actual magic of cleaning up scuff marks on the water and marks around the house that once seemed impossible.


In an effort to reduce paper towels, these cloths can be used to clean your countertop and basic surface areas and washed when dirty.


Gloves that have a hook are not necessary, but I prefer them because I can hang up neatly on the hooks that I mention below!


I bought these adhesive hooks to hang inside of our cabinet doors to hang my gloves when not in use as well as our cast iron pan brush.


I have a small adhesive bin on the inside of my cabinet door where I store my compost bags. If you don’t compost or don’t use bags for it, you can store magic erasers, extra sponges, etc.


I use compostable compost bags and I keep them under my kitchen sink in the adhesive bin mentioned above. It makes it easy to compost and keeps everything much cleaner.


This is called the Magic Natural Odor Fighter and is activated carbon that absorbs odors in a sponge-like way. It’s fragrance and chemical free to eliminate odors without the use of sprays or air fresheners which in my opinion, make it worse. It can be used in compost bins, trash cans, underneath sinks, coolers, and refrigerators. It has an adhesive backing to stick to any clean, dry surface. One filter lasts up to months and the ones that I linked include six.


I have dogs, so this is NECESSARY. It removes pet hair from rugs, car interiors, and furniture without the need to pull out the vacuum! You wipe them up to pull them into the sponge then rinse it when done. No prior water is needed before cleaning just use it dry then rinse.

under kitchen sink organization


We keep water filters for our Soma Water Pitcher and restock them as they run out. I used to buy them one at a time and it was the most inconvenient.


I didn’t know a hand vacuum was a thing until it started trending. How cool is that? It’s great to grab and collect dust, pet hair, car interiors, and any little things on your kitchen countertops before wiping them down.


In an effort to declutter our countertops, I bought this paper holder for under the kitchen sink organization a long time ago. It solved the countertop issue and has been such a breeze to use. It’s horizontal, which goes with the flow of the paper towel roll, making it easy to grab.


I keep a watering can under my kitchen sink which is practical in the sense that it gives me somewhere to store it with my plants all being in my kitchen and the joining sunroom, but it also reminds me. I am constantly doing the dishes, grabbing the countertop cleaner, and I see the can every day which reminds me to make a note of whether the plants need water. If they do, Thea will go in and grab the can for me to help me water them.


This started trending and I jumped on it. We don’t have blinds which is the most common use, but we do have air vents that are constantly needing to be cleaned and this was a solution to a problem that I was having. I previously had trouble finding a product that would get in the grooves. A duster didn’t quite do the job, but neither did a damp paper towel which was also waste and not reusable. A washcloth is reusable, but I couldn’t quite get into every groove and gave up quickly.


Most people would throw cleaning wipes in this wipe dispenser, but in my house baby wipes are all the rage in our kitchen. We are constantly going in and out for paper towels under the sink, and this container is a great way to store wipes. It’s small and fits a few, but I care more about giving my toddler a way to feel that she is caring for herself and has a safe way to grab her own wipes. She was struggling to pull them from the paper wrapping that they come in and often pulled out too many from them being clumped together which was a waste.

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