massage gun

I would have never thought to gift this, but as you get more into your 30s, you start to realize the tension in your muscles, especially when you have kids. This would honestly be the perfect gift for Joel, especially after a good workout.

modern vinyl player

Joel and I both love vinyl and have several of our own. We had a player but I didn't love the look of it, so I donated it and have been on the lookout for the perfect one to match our aesthetic. I am obsessed with this one and it's the perfect one to fit our style.

cooking blow torch

Ever since I made caramelized bananas recently and realized how easy it would have been to do with a blow torch, I realized that Joel and I need one. I know that he would use it to make fun desserts.

activated charcoal sponges

This is an exfoliating facial sponge for a daily skincare and I thought it would be a great gift for a guy where not all men wash their face on a daily basis, but a sponge with activated charcoal could be cleansing of the pores and exfoliating all in one.

gourmet hot sauce set

It has become tradition for me to select hot sauce packs to gift to Joel and he uses them throughout the year. He also has tastings with his friends which is always fun. This one in particular is a gourmet assortment with white truffle, black truffle, and an original flavor TRUFF bottle.

movie projector

We love ours and are looking to upgrade it. I have had this one on our list and sharing it with anyone that is gifting to a fellow movie or football lover. You can cast it on the wall indoors or have outdoor movie nights as a family.


Now that I have my SMEG drip coffee machine, the next purchase on my list is an espresso machine. I love the look of this one being black and so aesthetic. I am the only one who drinks coffee in our home, so it's really just for me and better look good on the counter if I'm taking up space.

bookshelf edition monopoly

This vintage board game bookshelf edition Monopoly looks so cool for both a fun game to play and an addition to the living room. I have started to make Joel play monopoly with me, which he does enjoy, but a vintage edition would make it that much more fun when he beats me haha.

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