7 Ways to Style Your Dinner Table For Guests

This post features 7 ways to style your dinner table with tips for creating the ultimate relaxing dinner party for you and your guests. 

You'll want to finish off the table with a focal point in the center of your table. This could be a floral arrangement, a bowl of fruit, an abstract piece of art, or if you're like me, simple candles. I use candles, especially tapers, that range in different heights to line the center of my table and add dimension.


Choose flatware and glassware that complement the style of your dinnerware to add detail to your table styling. These elements will enhance the overall visual appeal and functionality of the table. You can include placemats for additional layering as mentioned above that will add a touch of detail as well.


Layering different textures and patterns adds depth to your table. You can mix and match dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, and other pieces to create an interesting look.


Arrange the dinnerware and accessories in a balanced way. Symmetry can be visually pleasing, but asymmetry can also create an interesting and dynamic look.


You can style your dining room with dinnerware by combining aesthetics with functionality. Start by choosing a theme or style that resonates with your personal preference. It could be earthy tones, modern aesthetics, rustic, or more traditional. This is the first step to helping you choose dinnerware that complements the overall look of your dining room.


Honestly, terrible lighting will ruin the mood of your dining room. No one wants to eat in harsh overhead lighting, so lighting plays a crucial role in creating ambiance. Pendant lights above the table can provide both functional and aesthetic lighting. Dimmers can help you adjust the mood according to the occasion.


While aesthetics are important, make sure the table setting is functional. Ensure that there's enough space for plates, glasses, and cutlery and that guests can comfortably reach for items. If a table feels OVER styled, it won't feel inviting because of a fear of messing it up. While styling is important, remember that the dinnerware should be practical for everyday use. Opt for durable materials that are dishwasher-safe and easy to maintain.