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Joel doesn't like to eat breakfast in bed, but to me, it is romantic, relaxing, and cozy. Even if Joel won't eat with me, he likes to relax and enjoy a slow morning together. We have always loved to go out for breakfast dates, but now as parents, we stay in most mornings.

Slowing down to have breakfast in bed together is the new way to have breakfast dates.

We plan the morning around Thea's first nap which gives us an hour to have quality time together. I start making our breakfast while he plays with Thea and I have it ready by the time she is ready to nap. Sometimes I make a big batch of pancakes, sometimes I keep it simple with quick biscuits.

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Keep It Simple

I like to prepare our breakfast the morning of, but that does not mean that it has to be a four-course breakfast display. I recommend keeping it simple with quick drop biscuits, easy pancakes, muffins, or simply make an omelet with a side of fruit.

Prep Your Ingredients Ahead of Time

There have been so many times that I have wanted to make a batch of muffins and realized we had just run out of milk the night before. If you’re having a spontaneous breakfast in bed, I recommend going with the flow for what you have on hand. However, if you have the time to plan ahead, think through some of your ingredients and stock up ahead of time. What kind of fruit would you love to have together? What will your main dish be? You can keep it simple but have your ingredients ready to go on the morning of.

Slow Down and Be Intentional With Your Time

The idea of having breakfast in bed is an excuse to spend quality time together. It's a time to enjoy a relaxing experience that you don't do every day. The focus for the morning is to prepare a simple but delicious meal, put your phone away, and enjoy a cup of coffee against the fluffy pillows with soft jazz in the background.

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Buy Your Breakfast

If you don't love to cook or if you truly want to maximize your time relaxing with your breakfast in bed, buy breakfast items! Joel and I love the cinnamon rolls from the bakery section of Fresh Market. If you have a local bakery that you visit, you can buy some of your favorites the night before and keep them well stored for the next morning. You don't have to spend your entire morning preparing a hot meal.

Make a Pretty Tray

No matter how elaborate or simple your meal might be, a tray will give your breakfast in bed a luxurious feel. I purchased two trays for our mornings together to give us more space for the foods and drinks that we love. For our breakfast, I arranged our pancakes, maple syrup, freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee, an extra bowl of fruit, and a few napkins with silverware. You can add flowers and a newspaper if you like to read it!

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4 Simple Breakfast in Bed Menus




  • Avocado slices on sourdough with microgreens
    • Squeeze fresh lemon juice, sprinkle red pepper flakes, and drizzle honey
  • Scrambled eggs dairy free
  • Freshly squeeze orange juice
  • Coffee


  • Croissants or muffins from your local bakery
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Yogurt with berries and granola
  • Orange juice poured into a glass
  • Coffee

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